Professional Nail & Spa
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                    Our Philosophy

From day one, our business philosophy was simple:
    Cleanliness + Courteous + Great Service = Return Clients

Notice Cleanliness is first in the order. We, at Professional Nail & Spa, consider cleanliness and sanitation to be of utmost importance in protecting ourselves as well as our clients. Not only that we follow the basic sanitation procedures set forth by the State Board of Cosmetology, we also go beyond by adopting additional steps to ensure that our establishment provides the highest sanitation standards in the industry.

After washing hands, instead of using a dry towel or papertowel to dry, we always provide our clients with a moist sanitized towel kept in a towel warmer.

We do not reuse anything on our clients. Unlike other places where they use a new kit of file and wood stick then give the client a choice of either to take home or leave it at the facility for their next use, we use a new kit on each client then discard them after the service is finished. This will eliminate the concern of possible infection if the client were to misuse them at home. It also helps to avoid the issue of crowded space if they were to be kept at the facility.

At Professional Nail & Spa, we only use state of the art pipeless on all of our spa chairs. What is pipeless? It is a new way to provide our clients a pure, authentic spa bathing experience. By eliminating all the pipes, pumps, and air channels that are hidden beneath most ordinary whirlpool and air bubble tubs, pipeless hydrotherapy systems eliminate stagnant water that can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Your bath is always clean and sanitary, just the way it's supposed to be.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best services and the most clean and sanitary facility in the area. That's something our clients should feel good about every time they visit Professional Nail & Spa.


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